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Now that postage rates are higher than ever, many customers must seriously be considering investing in one. The savings are impressive, especially where higher volumes of mail are involved.

Trying to find out how much a franking machine actually costs its very ticky. The truth of the matter is that there are only 4 franking machine manufactures and 19 Royal Mail authorized suppliers for the whole of the UK. Each of these manufactures dont like revealing their franking machine prices.

This means that getting accurate pricing information can be difficult and confusing. The only real way to get an acurate idea idea of what a franking machine is going to cost to buy or rent is to obtain multiple quotes. helps you compare prices from the 4 leading suppliers including Pitney Bowes, Frama, Mailcoms, Neopost UK and more. Our service is 100% Free to use and there is no obligation. Simply fill in your details above to receive up to 4 quotations for a purchase or lease price. The process takes only a minute. Get your free quotes now.

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What is a Franking Machine

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Save on Postage Prices with Franked Mail

On 30 March 2015, Royal Mail raised the price of first and second class stamps for the first time in two years. In announcing the increase, Royal Mail emphasised that the new prices are still cheaper than the European average and stated that the price hike was necessary in order to maintain a six-day-a-week, one-price-goes-anywhere service.

At the same time, Royal Mail also announced small increases to the costs of using franked mail. The good news for businesses is that sending mail with a franking machine still represents a considerable discount when compared to the cost of using stamps.

Franking prices from March 2015

The cost of sending a first class letter weighing up to 100g with a stamp to anywhere in the UK has gone up to 62 pence, from 60 pence. The same item can be sent franked for 50 pence (up from 47 pence). That’s a 20% saving. The same size letter costs 50 pence to send with a second class stamp, but only 37 pence to send franked: a 26% reduction.

Similar savings can be made on other types of mail. A large letter (between 251g and 500g) costs £1.65 to send with a stamp, and only £1.40 to send franked – a 15% saving. To send the same item with a second class stamp costs £1.48 but only £1.15 franked, that’s 22% cheaper.

Parcels can also be delivered much cheaper with franked mail. A second class medium parcel (up to 2kg) is 14% cheaper to send using franked mail, while the same parcel can be sent first class with an impressive 16% reduction: £8.90 for a stamp, and £7.50 franked.

The difference in prices of franked mail and standard stamps can be seen across a wide selection of Royal Mail’s delivery options. These include:

Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm the next day:  Depending on the size of the parcel and the value of the compensation for loss or damage, these can be sent at costs ranging from £6.50 to £29.50. With stamps these would cost £10.68 and £38.52 respectively.

Special Delivery Guaranteed by 9am the next day:  Prices for franked items range from £16.92 to £30.72, whereas for stamps they range from £18.18 to £32.64.

UK Confirmed: This service requires a signature on delivery, and is increasingly popular due to the added security this measure can provide. To send a letter (up to 100g) first class costs £1.60 franked, but £1.72 with a stamp. The same item costs £1.47 to send second class franked but £1.63 with a stamp.

Why franking makes sense

The evidence is clear: while Royal Mail has made increases across the board, franking is still the cheaper option. Any business that sends out medium to large quantities of mail can reap huge dividends with the addition of a franking machine to the mailroom.

The best way to get the right franking machine for your business is to compare the various deals on offer. Only with multiple quotes will you be equipped to make an informed decision, and take a big step towards reducing your company’s costs.

Parcel sizes explained

When assessing the advantages that a franking machine could bring to your business, it helps to be fully aware of the costs involved in sending mail, and how these costs are set. Royal Mail categorises mail items according to their size and weight, and the same measurements apply to the cost of franked mail as they do with stamps. The item sizes are broken down as follows:

Letter: This must have a maximum length of 240mm, a max height of 165mm and a max thickness of 5mm. It can weigh up to 100g.

Large letter: These can be up to 353mm long, 250mm wide and 25mm in depth. They must weigh no more than 750g.

Small parcel: There are two maximum size options for small parcels. They can either have a length of 350mm, a width of 250mm and a depth of 160mm, or else they can come in a large size, but with less depth: 450mm long, 350mm wide and 80mm deep. In both cases they must weigh no more than 2kg.

Medium parcel: These can weigh up to 20kg, and must have dimensions no larger than 610mm (length), 460mm (width) and 460mm (depth).

For more detailed information about the franking prices that were set by Royal Mail as of 31 March 2015, see the Royal Mail website.