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Now that postage rates are higher than ever, many customers must seriously be considering investing in one. The savings are impressive, especially where higher volumes of mail are involved.

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What is a Franking Machine

What is a Franking Machine

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How to use a Franking Machine

How to use a Franking Machine

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Benefits of a Franking Machine

Benefits of a Franking Machine

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Saving on Postage Prices with Franked Mail

With the recent rise in the price of postage, many people are choosing to invest in franking machines as they realise how much they can save with various mail volumes. Use our postage cost calculator to see how much you can save!.

UK Postage Costs In 2013

Users of franking machines should take note that as of 2nd April 2013, Royal Mail has made slight alterations to postage costs for franked mail. While most prices for usual mail and guaranteed mail remain unchanged, there has been a small increase in the cost of franked mail. Taken on a cost per item basis, franking continues to offer good value for medium to large scale mail users, with first class franked mail being 21% cheaper than stamps, and second class franked mail offering a saving of 34%. Royal Mail has also instigated changes to its parcel service which are designed to simplify the payment structure and parcel size classifications. Here is a summary of the new changes.

Franking Prices For letters & Large Letters

The cost of a first class stamp for a letter (i.e. not more than 100g in weight and no larger than 240mm by 165mm, with a depth of 5mm maximum) is unchanged at 60 pence. A second class stamp is also unchanged at 50 pence.

Previously the costs for franking the same items were 44 pence and 31 pence respectively. As of 2nd April 2013, these prices have gone up to 47 pence and 33 pence. This means that franking a letter, instead of using a stamp, now offers a saving of 21% for first class mail, and 34% for second class mail.

The cost of franking a large letter under 100g in weight is now 90 pence for first class and 69 pence for second class, compared to £2.00 and £1.79 for stamps. Letters up to 750g will now cost £1.87 to frank first class. This is an increase of 9 pence on last year’s cost, but is still 43 pence cheaper than a first class stamp. A second class franked letter of the same size will now cost £1.53 – up 10 pence on last year, but 37 pence less than a stamp.

Changes to the parcel service in 2013

Royal Mail has also made alterations to its parcel service, making the delivery options more straightforward, and simplifying the parcel size classifications. Customers can now choose between three delivery options for parcels: Guaranteed™ (by either 9am or 1pm), Signed For™(also known as Confirmed – requires signature as proof of delivery) and Standard. Parcel sizes are now categorised as small or medium. A small parcel is up to 2kg in weight and not larger than 450mm by 350mm with a maximum height of 80mm. A medium parcel is not heavier than 20kg, and no larger than 610mm by 460mm, with a height of 460mm. The Guaranteed™ service is recommended for those who need to send something which must be there the following day. It includes full tracking, and proof of delivery with a signature. With the Signed For™ service there is the possibility of next day, two day or three day delivery.

The cost of franking a small parcel of 2kg is £5.85 for first class and £4.60 for second class. That compares to £6.85 and £5.60 for stamps.