Advantages to use Franking Machine with regard to other mail types

In the age of email and texting, writing letter is a thoughtful way to show to someone you’re thinking about them or for the business part, to send all the information your suppliers, customers needs.

Some information or an invoice need to be send.

In UK there are franking machines that ink-stamp envelopes and parcels with a code that corresponds with an account with Royal mail. In this case, there is no need to purchase stamps when you have an account. There are mainly used by businesses to post lots of letters/parcels.

A bit of history

In general, a “Frank” is a term for a postmark, whether if you use stamps, machine in the office or PPIs or mailing house.

In January 2006, the Royal  mail determines the price of a stamp but they no longer have a monopoly on the mail service, regulators Postcomm, the Postal Services Commission, has market to competition, has issued a further 59 licences to postal operators in UK and the Royal mail. A new market competition is born, and lower cost services comes too.

Stamps, franking, PPIs…

To start you have the stamps, volume discount are available from Royal Mail for businesses but it still the expensive postal option. And you still need someone to stick stamps on letters.

The PPIs are easy to use, you just have to print onto labels from the postal operator’s website. But you will need a PPI number from Royal Mail in order, of course. A mailing house can print PPIs for you straight on your envelopes but you have to make sure you supply them with your PPI number and chosen design.

And you have the franking machine choice, one of the cheaper alternative, as much as 34% on a 2nd class letter or 12% (34p) to send a small parcel. Your ink stamp can be tailored and customised to your business so that it has your company logo on it and it can also contain message too. Most franking machines have a scale built into them, to be sure the weight will always be accurate that why you can be sure your don’t have any underpayment and ensures your clients will never be in a position where they have to pay to receive your mail. Topping up franking machines is a quick and easy process which is done online, so any time of the day. You can totally forget the post office queues. Most machines will provide a printed report when you need it. Some machine have protection like a pass code with that you can be sure only authorized users can access and use the machines. You have many different type/size of machine, you can easy choose the most appropriate option for your need. Most of the larger post Offices have some special post boxes for franked mail.

The franking machine have :

  • postage discounts
  • Professional marketing tool
  • Accurate postage
  • Open 24 hours
  • Tax reductions
  • Security
  • Flexibility
  • Special treatment

As you can see, you have many advantages to choose a franking mail. If you are thinking about getting a franking machine for your business, just complete the small and fast form from our website to get exactly what your company need.

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