Franking Machine Rental – Buy vs Lease

When searching for a franking machine for your business, costs can accumulate rapidly. Fortunately, most franking machines are available for rent or lease, sparing your business from a significant upfront expense.

Some businesses, however, opt for the substantial initial investment to own the franking machine as an asset rather than a leased item. The decision between buying and leasing depends on personal preferences, considering the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Whether you choose to lease or rent a franking machine, you will still enjoy the benefits of franking, saving both money and time on every piece of mail sent.

Purchasing Vs Renting A Franking Machine

When renting a franking machine, the monthly cost typically ranges from £15 to £50, depending on the machine’s capabilities. Rental contracts typically last between 1 to 3 years, allowing for easy upgrades if necessary.


  • Services and maintenance are included in the rental agreement, ensuring smooth machine operation.
  • Royal Mail licensing support.
  • Multiple suppliers, providing the opportunity to find the best deal through comparison.


  • Dependency on the supplier; while initial cost savings are a benefit, the machine remains the property of the supplier.
  • Additional costs for consumables such as ink and labels.

Renting is ideal for businesses seeking franking benefits without the commitment of ownership. It offers access to the latest models, the flexibility to upgrade as the business grows, and comprehensive support for licensing and maintenance.

With a plethora of franking machine models available, finding one that suits your needs is highly likely, and short-term rentals provide a chance to assess the machine’s suitability for your business.

Why Purchase A Franking Machine Outright

Examining the pros and cons of purchasing a franking machine outright is essential.

The upfront investment for buying a franking machine ranges from £1,000 to over £10,000. While the initial cost can be significant, considering a franking machine’s lifespan of around 10 years makes the actual lifetime cost considerably lower than renting.


  • Full control over supplies procurement, allowing for budget-friendly choices.
  • Long-term savings, despite the initial expense, considering the machine’s lifespan, daily use, and cost savings.

Extra Costs to Consider:

  • Licensing costs (annual fee).
  • Service contract (monthly or annual fee).
  • Repairs when needed.

Potential challenges include the risk of the model becoming outdated, despite being new initially. The decision to buy or rent hinges on your business needs, and if you need assistance in deciding, our team is available to guide you. Explore the list of authorized franking machine suppliers in the UK in the meantime.

The best way to compare is to get multiple quotes and make up your own mind.

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