Company Review FP Mailings

FP Mailings is a German equipment manufacturer established in 1923 and by now one of the leading global manufacturer of franking machines. Today, FP Mailings is licensed in 84 nations all over the globe and has some dedicated support for the UK market.

FP Mailings provides franking machines for all purposes and is one of the four Royal Mail authorised manufacturers of franking machines.

What do they do?

FP Mailings is proud of having introduced the first automatic franking machine, the first electronic and the first digital franker. More recently, they have introduced the first multi-carrier machine that should meet the demands of a deregulated market. A history of innovation that FP Mailings wants to continue.

While their global headquarter and manufacturing is placed just outside of Berlin in Germany, their UK operations including their customer service is managed from Dartford, Kent. Having served over a quarter of a million customers, the company is proud of its strong customer service. To insure quality standards, FP Mailing surveys 1000 new and existing customers every quarter.

FP Mailings offer four lines of franking machines. Its PostBase mini line is ideal for just sending a few letters per day while taking advantage of all the features of standard posting machine.

Its PostBase line is the latest innovation of FP Mailings offering more functionality in regards to the automation of processes. The centormail line is the innovative flagship of FP Mailing that is highly efficient and suitable for large volumes of mail. Finally, the Qi series provides users with the highest level of processing at an outrageous speed.

What advice do they offer?

Customer service and satisfaction is at the heart of FP Mailing. With their dedicated service team for the United Kingdom, the managed to satisfy nearly all of their customers. In their quarterly survey with 1000 of their new and existing customers, 96% assert them to be very good or excellent at what they do.

On FP’s website, you can find more information about franking machines and how they can be beneficial for your business.

A clearly structured website allows you to compare their different product lines and make a quick decision about with ones are suitable for your business. You can request quotes or a brochure from their website and find more detailed information on each of their machines.

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