Company Review: Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes is a global leader in the field of communication technologies. Its software and services enable customers to communicate digitally in today’s environment and to experience growth in their field.

The company is worth $5.3 billion and serves small to medium as well as large businesses in over 100 countries.

What do they do?

Pitney Bowes is successful in building loyal customer relationships and pride themselves on understanding and nurturing the individual. They provide smart software to enhance the customer experience, often with one click technology, and to help them meet their business needs easily and efficiently.

Through technology, Pitney Bowes is improving their customers’ databases using software to update and standardize data and to benefit customers, reps and marketers.

The company has particularly become a recognised global leader in the field of mail management and remains at the forefront of the research for franking machines.

Catering for every size of business and providing low cost as well as high end corporate franking solutions, Pitney Bowes is renowned for its innovation in this field, such as the weighing platform available on many franking machines, using intelligent assignment to correctly weigh packages up to 35kg.

The smaller franking machines, such as the DM50 and 55, include this integrated weighing platform, but remain competitively priced in the market place and are ideal investments for moderate businesses.

Their larger franking machines have digital capabilities to allow them to connect to online services to access tariff updates, software, credit visibility, enables top ups with one click and includes catchy advertising slogans.

The ‘Dimensions on the way’ franking machines are state of the art models that remove the need for manually sorting mail of different sizes and weights. Mail is weighed and franked automatically, at a rate of 180 letters per minute.‘Connect+ Customer Communication’ franking machines feature colour printers that enable company marketing messages to be included on every piece of outgoing mail.

What advice can you get?

Pitney Bowes offers customers advice and information on getting started with franking, to managing the mailroom digitally. They advise small and medium companies about good business solutions as well as enterprises and the public sector.

With the emphasis today on multimedia platforms, Pitney Bowes creates technology to allow customers to use one platform for communicating for multi channels and has developed software to enable two way conversations through communications, to make the most of business solutions in this digital age.

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