Company Review: Mailcoms

From its beginnings in a converted garage to the purpose built building it occupies today, Mailcoms has gone from strength to strength since its inception in 2005.

Mailcoms has grown to generate a seven figure turnover on an annual basis. It is also recognised by Royal Mail for its franking machine services, one of only a few companies in the country to be recognised in this way.

What do they do?

Mailcoms is known for supplying franking machines to businesses of all sizes. It also stocks a wide range of ink cartridges and labels for all types and styles of franking machine. In addition to this the company provides maintenance and servicing to owners and renters of these machines. Indeed this is a key part of the service it provides, and this is how Mailcoms sets itself apart from its competition.

They are keen to stress they do not hire salespeople who work on the basis of commission. This means their employees provide the advice you need rather than trying to sell the best and most expensive franking machine in their range.

When it comes to franking machines you will see they stock machines of all kinds. They have low, medium and high volume machines designed for different kinds of businesses. You’ll spot names including the Mailbase, Mailhub, MailCentre and Mailpoint machines in their range.

They also have a wide range of ink and labels for various machines. These include those suitable for Pitney Bowes machines as well as for Neopost, Frama and Mailcoms themselves. Their range of envelopes includes ones suitable for mailing within the UK as well as abroad.

What advice do Mailcoms give?

One of the key areas of Mailcoms is the personal service it provides to all its customers. Indeed it has grown to the size it is today largely through word of mouth thanks to the many satisfied clients it has added to its books.

A quick glance at the many testimonials on their site reveals the extent of the advice given to clients via the employees at Mailcoms. For example they are able to give advice on the best type of franking machine for your specific business. They can also set it up and provide a seamless run through of how to use it. This means they do not leave until you are fully up to speed with your new franking machine.

Other people use the company to obtain the supplies for their existing franking machines. Here too Mailcoms is able to steer you in the right direction to get the right supplies for your needs.

However the follow up service provided by Mailcoms is just as good as the other aspects of getting a franking machine from them. They are ready and prepared to respond to any questions or issues that arise after the initial installation, and this is what sets them apart from many other companies. The service oriented angle they take is what has brought them this much success.

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