Company Review: Frama

Frama began life in the Netherlands in 1974, and since then it has established itself in several other countries as well, including Belgium and Switzerland. Frama UK began life in 1989 and it has become a major name in the world of mailroom products and franking machines since then. Indeed it is an approved supplier of these machines according to the standards set by Royal Mail.

What do they do?

Frama supplies five main types of products. Obviously they stock franking machines, but they also provide letter openers, shredders, folding machines and folder inserters. As you can see, this gives you every possible solution you could need for your mailing room needs.

As far as franking machines are concerned they have several models bearing the Matrix brand name, as well as some Mailmax models. They also have a postal calculator you can buy, in addition to the EcoMail model for those who want to post a small number of letters in the most ecologically sound way.

They also have several products in their shredder range, not to mention four different types of inserter machine. The company clearly wants to provide every solution for all types of mailroom needs, both small and large. So regardless of how much or little mail you send out on a daily basis, Frama has the solution that suits you best.

What advice do Mailcoms give?

Frama has a dedicated service area that provides technical help as well as service whenever you need it most. As they point out on their website, when your franking machine experiences difficulties or goes down for a period of time, it can certainly complicate things in your mailroom. According to their information they are able to resolve 98% of all problems on the first attempt. This means you can enjoy the maximum service from your franking machine without experiencing prolonged periods where it is out of action.

They provide a dedicated web page with boxes to fill in so you can arrange a service call whenever needed. On some occasions their website assistance may be all you need to resolve a problem, but on others you may appreciate the ability to book a call so quickly and easily.

Their website also contains some technical help which may be of

use to you when you first get a franking machine. For example the main page contains some useful tips and hints on how to treat your machine without damaging it. The page also contains some information on how to order consumables and print statements and reports concerning your machine.

As you can see, Frama has established an outstanding business that focuses on providing everything the user of a franking machine could need. This ranges from consumables to servicing whenever required. Regardless of whether you are new to using a franking machine or you just require consumables for your existing machine, you are sure to find plenty of information and advice on the Frama UK website. It’s well worth taking a closer look.

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