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With over 800,000 customers in the UK and around the world, including large national accounts from both public and private sectors, as well as small to medium businesses, Neopost UK is a leader in the field of international mailroom solutions, and has a global turnover of approximately €1 billion.

What do they do?

Neopost UK delivers mail solutions that it promises are faster, cheaper and more efficient, and designed to help its clients improve their internal and external communications. Its software solutions improve the deliverability and overall management of the mailing process, and suit all kinds of organisations, from small businesses to major corporate clients.

Neopost UK also has over 15 consecutive years’ experience of working with the public sector, delivering cost-saving solutions through the effective automation and re-engineering of mail delivery processes. As well as central government, Neopost UK has worked with the education, health and housing sectors.

The range of franking machines supplied by Neopost UK includes machines ideally suited for all sizes of business and mailing requirements. A free 30-day trial is available for the entry-level machine Autostamp 2, which is ideal for small businesses.

Customers sending 15 to 100 items of mail per day have a choice of machines, including the IS-330, which can process up to 40 letters per minutes thanks to its Powerfeed and Smartstart technology, and the award-winning IS-280. All of these machines are Royal Mail approved.

Larger businesses, with a 100 to 200 items of mail per day requirement, can choose from a selection that features the IS-440 (able to process 95 items a minute) and the IS-480, which can process 150 items in a minute and has an optional Speedway dynamic scale that weighs and measures mail as it is read. Neopost UK caters for larger organisations in the 300-plus items of mail per day bracket with the IS-5000 and IS-6000.

These are heavy-duty machines that enable customers to monitor, track and control their postal expenditure for 500 accounts via Neopost’s online tracking service, Myneopost (see below for more details).

As well as franking machines, Neopost UK supplies folding and inserting machines, address and envelope printing machines, letter openers, shredders, mailroom furniture and a full range of consumables, including ink and envelopes.

What advice does Neopost UK provide?

Neopost UK is able to advise its customers on all matters related to mailroom processing and efficiency. The Customer Support section of the Neopost UK website includes detailed FAQs on Billings & Accounts, Supplies & Consumables and payments to Neopost.

There is a Slogan Helpline that gives customers advice on branded franking, and for customers who are new to the process of franking mail, the website provides a helpful infographic:

The Myneopost service allows customers to manage their mailing systems online and to access other services. It covers all aspects of a customer account, including equipment support, invoices, statements, supplies and expenditure. Customers can top-up their accounts online with a credit card. Other services available from Neopost include neoCare, an entry-level service package, and neoFunds, an account with a pre-approved credit limit.

Neopost UK also offers its customers the chance to visit their head office in Romford, Essex, where they can view demonstrations of machines and equipment. The Working Mail Showroom is part of Neopost UK’s sales process, and gives customers first hand experience of Neopost’s products as they perform effectively under the pressure of a busy mailroom environment.

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