Designer who created the postal puzzles

One Designer who named James Addison really likes puzzles, he like to challenge people too and he know Frank. His postal worker, a very efficient one, in two minute, Frank could deliver mail to ten different addresses !

James decided to mail letters to himself and use his design skills to stump his postman and other members of the Royal Mail Postal Service. And he find many different way to make it more harder. He use story, riddle, quizz, cross word, pictures, trace or morse and more…
To know if postal service could figure out how to send the letters back to James but he received all of these funny letters.

A Royal Mail spokesman said: “We’re pleased to hear that our postmen and women have been able to decipher and deliver James Addison’s obscurely addressed mail.

But he also reminded: “We would of course encourage our customers to always use a full address and postcode when addressing their mail to ensure it arrives at its intended destination.”

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