Where to Buy Franking Machine Ink?

Where to Buy Franking Machine Ink?

If you are considering buying a franking machine to help with your postage requirements, it is worth knowing you cannot simply walk into any shop to get the franking machine ink you require. Instead you will have to find an approved source to buy it from – a source that has been approved by Royal Mail to supply the appropriate ink for these machines.

The best way to find such a shop is to go to the Royal Mail website. This provides a list of approved stockists of the ink and links to their websites so you can find out more information. You may find you live or work locally to one of them; the ones listed on their site are situated in Essex, Kent, Hertfordshire and Cumbria. However most will offer a mail order service as well, via their website.

If you search for franking ink online you will see there are plenty of other stockists who sell compatible ink cartridges for the franking machines. These will usually be cheaper than those supplied by the officially approved sources. However you must be sure they supply the correct red ink. Royal Mail approves just one type of ink to be used in these machines, and this is the ink you need to use. You must ensure you don’t buy cheaper cartridges that may not be compatible with your machine.

Providing you use an approved stockist you can choose whichever one suits you most and offers the cheapest cartridges. It makes sense to try and save money on them wherever you can. So the trick is to make sure you find a reputable approved supplier and to use them for all the supplies you need. You’ll probably find they sell other approved supplies you can use with your machine too.

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