Ideal Franking Machines for Ebay Businesses

Ideal Franking Machines for Ebay Businesses

Franking machines offer the user the ability to pre pay for their post by establishing an electronic contact with the Royal Mail. Franking machines are linked to business accounts and the user will pay their postage costs in advance. This makes the process of sending letters and packages much easier than visiting the post office regularly.

Basic models are designed to cope with a moderate volume of letters and packages, and these are suitable for small businesses, or those just starting out, while larger business models can manage hundreds of letter every day to meet needs.

Ebay now offers label printing technology, which is a new innovation designed to increase productivity for Ebay users. This technology enables users to pay for their postage online and then simply print a label for their various parcels and packages. Pitney Bowes powers this operation and it shows just how far the franking machine has evolved in our society.

Franking Machines


The Pitney Bowes DM100 Series uses the latest digital technology to meet the needs of busy businesses. It features a 2.5kg weigh platform to ensure accuracy and connects to the internet to update software, tariff changes and envelope messaging.


The Ecomail franking machine uses rechargeable ink ribbon cassettes and has a touchscreen interface for ease of use. It is suitable for smaller postal volumes, although it manages 2000 frankings each hour.



The Neopost IS240 can frank 20 letters each minute. It features good quality digital printing, a 2kg integrated scale, has PIN protection and includes up to 10 customised company tags to give you a unique touch for your business. Primarily designed for up and coming businesses.


The Pitney Bowes DM50 is a low volume franking machine suitable for smaller businesses. It can process 20 letters each minute and is a compact, visually attractive machine. It has a digital display unit and manages weights of up to 2.5kg on its integrated scale.

The Smart franking machine (named by Royal Mail) can help you claim VAT back on your postage. This franking machine automatically includes the letter types that are subject to VAT, rather than relying on you to enter the correct postage. The Smart machine will digitally relay this information to the franking machine supplier. This is highly useful for Special Delivery, 9.00am, Single Business Collections and Airsure, according to the Royal Mail.

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