Royal Mail Mailmark Franking?

What is Royal Mail Mailmark™ Franking?

Royal Mail Mailmark™ was introduced in 2014 to enhance the way mail is processed and to streamline postal services. It replaces the traditional franked mark with a machine-readable 2D barcode.

You’ll need a Mailmark™ enabled franking machine to enjoy the benefits of Mailmark™ technology, but you may be able to upgrade your current equipment, so either contact your provider to discuss the options available or find out how to use Mailmark™ on your franking machine.

A smart franking or Mailmark™ machine enables you to select the postal service you require and the machine will automatically calculate the correct price. These machines are ideal for organisations that need to reclaim VAT as they can provide a breakdown of the services and the amount you have spent.

This latest enhancement has been introduced to add value to the postal service at a time when the number of posted items is in decline. The introduction of Mailmark™ means that postal services are more accessible via the franking machine and will benefit from using LAN connectivity so you won’t need to plug your equipment into an analogue telephone line.

Most importantly, because it improves the way in which the Royal Mail handles post, these cost savings can be passed onto the mail producers.

Mailmark™ has been designed with high volume mail producers in mind and harnesses barcode technology to provide a host of analytics that help mail producers and posting customers to analyse mailings and predict delivery times. Mailmark™ reporting features will also show when your mail has been delivered, if it was delivered after the due date together with useful statistics to assist you in improving address quality.

Royal Mail is so confident in the new technology that they have made available a fund to help mail producers migrate to Mailmark™ and increased the price differential between Mailmark™ and existing barcode options in January 2015; they intend to increase the differential again in 2016.

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Format Weight up to and including STAMP 1st Class FRANK Mailmark 1st Class Difference
Letter 100g 63p 51p 12p
Large Letter 100g 95p 78p 17p
250g £1.26 £1.09 17p
500g £1.68 £1.43 25p
750g £2.42 £2.02 40p
Small Parcel 1kg £3.30 £3.00 30p
2kg £5.45 £4.80 30p
Medium Parcel 1kg £5.65 £4.80 85p
2kg £8.90 £7.50 £1.40
5kg £15.85 £15.85
10kg £21.90 £21.90
20kg £33.40 £33.40
Format Weight up to and including STAMP 2nd Class FRANK Mailmark 2nd Class Difference
Letter 100g 54p 36p 18p
Large Letter 100g 74p 63p 11p
250g £1.19 88p 31p
500g £1.51 £1.17 34p
750g £2.05 £1.65 40p
Small Parcel 1kg £2.80 £2.50 30p
2kg £2.80 £2.50 30p
Medium Parcel 1kg £4,89 £4.40 49p
2kg £4.89 £4.40 49p
5kg £13.75 £13.75
10kg £20.25 £20.25
20kg £28.55 £28.55

(Pricing effective 30th March 2015)

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