Accessories For Your Franking Machine

Accessories For Your Franking Machine

There are many accessories available to assist with your day to day franking and to ensure the whole process runs smoothly and efficiently. Some accessories are supplied free of charge by Royal Mail, whilst others are available at competitive, often discounted prices from a range of online suppliers.


There is a wealth of envelopes to choose from, to use with your machine. You can frank onto all sizes and colours, quickly and easily. A more legible frank mark works best with labels on printed or coloured envelopes and parcels. Envelopes are widely available to buy online.


Red ink is used for printing marks onto envelopes or franking labels. The mark will appear in the right hand top corner. Ink cartridges are widely available to buy online, and are compatible with various models. You will often receive a discount and free delivery, and many ink cartridges can now be returned to the supplier for safe, environment friendly recycling.

Red and Green Pouches

These are pouches to organise your post for collection by Royal Mail. Red pouches are used for first class mail (and Airmail) and green pouches are used for second class letters and packets. You should try to use different pouches for various envelope sizes, and always make sure you use the right colour pouch for the class of letter.

Pouches are available in various sizes, such as standard (for around 200 letters).

Pouches are supplied by Royal Mail.

Containers and Trays

For large volumes of mail, you can gather them into trays and containers for collection. You do not need to bundle your mail for this purpose but should still separate 1st and 2nd class and various services.

Standard letters should be stacked with addresses facing the same way, and large letters need to lie flat in the tray or container. Trays are able to accommodate 340 letters or as many as 80 large letters, but must not weigh over 10kg once packed and ready for collection.

Royal Mail will provide you with trays and containers free of charge if you require them.


Labels are used on larger letters and packets, or for small letters that are bulky in shape, to ensure that the letter does not become damaged when passing through the franking machine.

Labels are available from a variety of suppliers and are compatible with different franking machines.

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