Save on Postage Cost: Top 10 Franking Machines

Save on Postage Cost: Top 10 Franking Machines

If your business sends out a lot of post on a regular basis, you could save on postage cost by investing in a franking machine. There are plenty of franking machine suppliers around that provide a wide range of practical machines for all sizes of business.


Here are our top ten picks. Which one would suit you best?

1) Neopost IS-240

Take advantage of lower franking prices with this model. It can get through as many as twenty letters every minute. This model is perfect if you want to send up to fifty items per day.

2) DM50 franking machine

This one is ideal for a home office with just a few letters to send on a regular basis. It is easy to use and makes it faster to complete your postage tasks.

3) Neopost IS330

This model has a built in postage scale and also offers a faster speed of processing – up to thirty letters each minute.

4) Pitney Bowes DM50

This is a nice compact machine that would be ideal for small businesses. It also comes under the SMART banner, which means you can reclaim VAT if you are VAT registered.

5) Connect+ 1000 digital franking machine

This also comes from Pitney Bowes and is that bit more powerful. It enables you to print promotional information on your envelopes as well as the postage.

6) Frama Accessmail Smart franking machine

This is a small model, cost effective and able to handle a small capacity of post each day. It can cycle through as many as twenty letters each minute.

7) Frama Officemail

This model is a step up from the model mentioned above. In this case you can get through 50% more letters every minute, all by using this compact unit.

8) Mailbase Lite

This model from Mailbase is perfect if you have a small volume of mail to process each day – usually up to about fifty items. It also has a built in weighing scale.

9) Mailbase Speed franking machine

This is a larger machine designed to cope with more letters per minute – as many as ninety five – as well as a larger capacity on an ongoing basis. It’s perfect for larger offices.

10) Neopost IS-6000

This is arguably one of the biggest machines of all. It is a heavy duty model designed for busy workplaces that always have a lot of mail to send out. It even comes complete with a touch screen and familiar keyboard.

Which franking machine would best suit the needs of your business?

As you can see, no matter what type of business you have or how many letters you send out on a regular basis, you are sure to find the franking machine you really need. The best way to proceed is to gauge your requirements and then match those to a number of machines before choosing the best one for you. If you can do this you’ll be much closer to selecting the ideal model for your business needs, and you can start saving money on postage costs.

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