The coolest features of franking machines – the software

The coolest features of franking machines – the software

You may think that all franking machines are the same; that every one of them just prints postage on your outgoing mail. You do have a point there. All franking machines allow you to send mail at discounts and increase your office’s productivity. But many of them come with features that you might not be aware of yet. Please find an overview about the most common and handy software features of franking machines here:


Franking machines are very helpful for tax returns. As they report on your postage costs, there is no need to collect every single receipt from stamp purchases. Besides, some franking machines allow you to assign postage costs to departments or clients using account codes.Using them, you can keep track of costs for servicing specific customers and ease up the process of analysing where your organisation creates costs. Depending on the franking machine, different types of reports are available to users.

Postage reset

This feature of franking machines resets the rate of postage to a default price after every usage to ensure that the right amount is printed every time. If you decide to send your mail by default using second class mail, but one letter required a first class imprint, this feature makes sure that you are sending your mail using the cheaper second class option after your one letter without having to switch back manually. Some franking machines also come with security buttons. Having to use them if the postage exceeds a specific amount ensures that high amounts of postage are not printed accidentally.

Password protection

Security and the prevention of abuse is of major importance in all parts of your business. Password protection ensures that only authorised staff can use your franking machine. It makes sure that the meter of your franking machine is not functional before the password is inserted. Thereby, it reduced the likelihood of your franking machine being abused for personal mailing or other unauthorised usage.

What features of franking machines do you require?

Each business needs a franking machine that fits their requirements. We can help you to find the franking machine with your desired features. Simply take a minute and leave your details on We will contact our partners and the cheapest suppliers of franking machines will contact you with competitive quotes on suitable machines. You simply need to choose the best one for your business!

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