The coolest franking machine features – the hardware

The coolest franking machine features – the hardware

The basic functionality of all franking machines is the same: they apply an imprint to envelopes and allow you to post them with Royal Mail. Besides this basic functionality, certain franking machine features can help you to automate mailing processes. In this article, we only look at hardware differences between franking machines.


All franking machines come with a feeder. They are the most basic part among franking machine features. It is the basic part of the machine that routes mail through the meter, where the postage is applied. Still, there are differences in how the feeder works. Some are manual, meaning that you have to hold the letter under the meter. Others are semi-automatic and high-end machines provide an automatic feeder that processes the mail without any human input. Depending on your franking machine, it will be able to process your mail up to a certain thickness – often between 6 and 20mm.

Sealer, nesting and flapping

Some franking machines can automatically seal the letters, once they are franked, as well as open the flap of the envelope prior to sealing. Besides letters, some franking machine can also be used to seal other envelopes, that are not meant to be posted and are thus processed by the franking machine without applying an imprint.


A stacker is the franking machine feature that helps your business to organise metered or franked mail. Simple systems use just a catch to hold the mail, while more advanced systems can clear mail away from the postage meter using a power stacker.


Franking machines need to be connected in order to top up their balance and to update their software to enhance their functionality. This connection can be established using a LAN connection or an analogue line. While the second is the traditional way of doing it, digital franking machines with a LAN connection are much faster when network access is required. Previously, we have already reported on the advantages of digital franking machines.

Rate chip

Your franking machine’s rate chip stores information on postage rates. When postage rates change, the rate chip has to be exchanged to make sure that the correct amount of postage is applied every time. On the chip, you normally find postage rates for multiple carriers and types of mail.

Find franking machines with the features you need

Franking machine features are important as they determine what amount of mail your office can process. To ensure you get a franking machine with your desired features, take a minute and leave your details on The four cheapest suppliers will provide you with their tailored quotes within an hour.

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