Things to Consider Before Getting a Franking Machine

Things to Consider Before Getting a Franking Machine

Whether you are a large or small business or are running an online service from your home, a franking machine is an often necessary and useful investment. But before you buy, you should consider a number of factors to make sure you pick the right machine.

Volume of Mail

This is crucial to ensuring you buy the right franking machine, and if one is even needed. How many letters or packets do you send out each day? What is your mail cost each month? What type of mail does your office send out?

A small business dealing with a low volume of mail each day will find that a simple franking machine will meet their needs. A larger business dealing with many outgoing letters and packets will need a more advanced model. You will need to assess whether your mail outgoings might increase in the near future or stay the same.

Compare Suppliers

This is imperative to make sure you get the best available current deal in the marketplace today. It is also simple to do, with the vast array of online suppliers offering their services and latest discounts to customers. Some suppliers might be offering free rentals on elaborate franking machines. If being eco-friendly is part of your company’s drive, you can choose a supplier who offers refillable cartridges or discounts on cartridges that are returned in exchange for new ones.


Your franking machine meter costing takes into account postage charges, the rates of which are set by the postal authority. These will change periodically and so you should aim to check for yearly fixed fees for rate insurance. You might then be able to receive free updates. Postal rates have increased by a fair amount lately, however for franking machine users, Royal Mail has introduced a discount to offset this rise. Franking machines are more cost effective than using postage stamps, so it is worth your business investing in one.

Compare Agreements

It is beneficial to you to choose the best service contract for your company; for example one that offers support in the same area of their enterprise. You should read testimonials and ask for other users’ experience of a supplier, if possible. This will give you a strong idea of whether that supplier will be able to offer you the support and service that your company needs.

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