Keeping track of your mail

Keeping track of your mail

Businesses that send and receive high volumes of parcels and mail face the challenge of monitoring their valuable assets from dispatch to delivery. Manual processes can lead to misplaced packages, additional costs and a reduction in customer satisfaction.

There are numerous tracking solutions on the market and we hope to give an overview of the products available to your business. Many businesses don’t have the capital required to implement a solution that can receive, record and deliver important mail which makes it difficult to track.
If you have a large premises or a shared workspace, safe delivery of incoming post to the recipient cannot be guaranteed and this can incur unnecessary costs and wasted time.

With the right solution you can increase efficiency, productivity and client satisfaction, decrease the labour costs associated with handling status inquiries and searches and improve accountability and the security of your incoming post.

SendSuite® Tracking Online is a cloud-based solution that is easy to use, replaces time-consuming manual processes with a complete audit and proactively updates recipients on the status of their delivery.

It is a scalable software solution and, because it is cloud-based, there is no need for local IT support for installation, training and ongoing support. It automates and simplifies processes by sending email notifications when a package is received, scanning and recording the item’s details and collecting a signature upon delivery as well as streamlining your mailroom facility.

Package Tracker Software and Online Tracking Systems enables you to eradicate wasted time searching for packages after they have been delivered to your premises. Package Tracker tracks packages from the time they arrive at your door, until they are delivered and signed for by the intended recipient, eliminating the inconvenience associated with lost packages.

Mailroom Mail Tracking and PoD System will ensure you never lose an important item of post or a parcel within your organisation. Ideal for large scale post room facilities in banks and building societies, NHS Trusts, Universities and multi-site organisations, Mailroom utilises a combination of software and handheld terminals to track the movement of mail around your business.

Additional features include:

  • Pigeon-hole Collections
  • Courier and Van deliveries
  • Mail trolley delivery and collection

When incoming post is received, they are labelled with a barcode if they don’t already have one. They are then checked in against the recipient on the mail tracking system using a barcode scanner and package details recorded if required. The mail delivery staff use a handheld PoD terminal to scan the item of mail and capture the recipient’s signature for proof of delivery. They can also capture a photograph if the package is damaged.

The same procedure can be used for collecting outgoing mail from different locations to be sent out from the post room facility.

In addition to sophisticated software solutions, you’ll find a host of mail tracking apps that will help you to keep track of all your important outgoing and incoming mail.

Package Buddy supports over 60 global shipping companies. It features a barcode scanner and you can search for your packages easily by filtering data eg status of packages, incoming or outgoing mail. The basic version is free and the pro version is very inexpensive, advertisement-free and available on Android and Google Player. You can also sync it to multiple devices.

Delivery Status Touch by Junecloud has a colourful interface that shows you where your shipments are on easy-to-read maps. It supports all the major global shipping companies as well as Amazon and can be used on your PC as well as your iPhone. Only available to Apple users, it is available from the App Store.

JumpTrack is a very sophisticated, proof-of-delivery app that collaborates with your cloud-based delivery and supply-chain management systems by storing photos and signatures for all deliveries. It can track the whereabouts of your mail, keeps track of your delivery operatives and emails recipients with status updates.

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