Letter Folding and Envelope Stuffing Machines

Letter Folding and Envelope Stuffing Machines

One of the key benefits of a franking machine is that, as well as helping to drastically cut down on your mailing costs, it is also a great time saver. By automatically weighing and franking each item, the man-hours needed to process even large volumes of mail can be greatly reduced. It seems a pity then to still have to spend countless hours folding letters and inserting them into envelopes. The good news is that this too can be avoided, and many man-hours saved thanks to a dedicated folding and inserting machine.

With machines that can work as quickly as 13 times faster than folding and inserting by hand, and with incredible volume capacities, all of the leading franking machine suppliers, including Pitney Bowes, Neopost UK, Frama and FP Mailing, provide a range of machines that can help your business to save a lot of time and, crucially, money!

How a Folder Inserter machine can save your business money

Obviously, any machine that helps to save the amount of time that your staff spend on unnecessary tasks is going to prove an effective money saver. But that is not the only respect in which a Folder Inserter can help to save your business money.

At present Royal Mail charges 71p to send a franked large letter (A4 size: 353 mm x 250 mm), whereas a small letter of the same weight will cost only 47p. That’s a potential reduction of 24p on each letter you send, simply by folding it. For second class letters the reduction is 25p. If your business is in the habit of sending out medium to large volumes of large letters, and doesn’t want to waste its staff members’ valuable time on unrewarding manual tasks, it stands to make a massive saving by introducing a letter folding and envelope stuffing machine to the mailroom.

Folder Inserter machines from leading suppliers

The good news is that, as with Franking Machines, there are many different models available, able to handle different volumes at varying speeds, so that you can find a machine that will not only meet your business’ precise needs, but which will also come at an appropriate price point. Here is just a small selection of the Folder Inserter machines that are currently available.

FPi 600 (http://www.fpmailing.co.uk/FPi_600.asp): This fully automatic processing machine from FP is capable of folding letters, inserting them into envelopes which it then seals, and can handle up to 1,350 letters in an hour. It also has a range of folding options, from single fold, to double-parallel fold to left to right C-fold. It also has a settings feature so that recurring jobs can be handled with the minimum of fuss.

Typhoon (http://www.frama.co.uk/GB-EN-Folder-Inserter-Typhoon.frm): This powerful machine from Frama is able to handle different letters at the same time, and can process as many 3,500 items in an hour. With a high-capacity feeder for both letters and envelopes, it is the ideal machine for getting a big mailing job sorted fast.

DI880 FastPac (http://www.pitneybowes.co.uk/Equipment/GMS/folders-inserters/DI880/DI880-Fastpac-Inserting-System.shtml): Ideal for use in any business that processes very large amounts of mail, such as a direct mail company or a copy shop, this machine from Pitney Bowes has a range of features, including a tower feeder and optional booklet feeder, that make high-volume mailing jobs quick and hassle-free.

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