Pitney Bowes vs Neopost UK

Pitney Bowes vs Neopost UK

Although there is great diversity in the range of franking machines available to businesses, the number of different manufacturers is actually very small. As a matter of fact, only a handful of companies are authorised by Royal Mail to make and supply franking machines for the UK market, and the largest of these are Pitney Bowes and Neopost UK. Both companies are major international concerns that provide the full range franking machines in terms of size, capability and price.

So, how do these two franking machine giants compare, and what kind of mailroom solutions can they provide? Here is a guide to both Pitney Bowes and Neopost UK and the range of franking machines they currently offer.

Pitney Bowes

Since coming into existence in 1920, following the merger of the companies owned by Arthur Pitney and Walter Bowes, Pitney Bowes has been a global leader in franking machines and mailroom solutions. Currently the world’s largest supplier of franking machines, US-based Pitney Bowes has an annual global turnover in excess of $5 billion and employs 29,000 people worldwide. Although best known for its franking machines, Pitney Bowes also supplies mailroom software packages and equipment such as folding and inserting machines, printers and mail sorting machines.

Pitney Bowes’ Franking Machines
Catering to all sizes of business, from small home-based operations, through medium sized companies, and on to major international conglomerates, Pitney Bowes supplies franking machines capable of handling all levels of mail volume.


The DM50 Digital is a SMART franking machine that includes an integrated scales and is ideal for businesses that need to send a maximum of twenty letters a day. The DM160i Digital SMART franking machine is slightly larger, but still sits neatly on a desktop. Capable of processing up to 40 items a minute, it is ideal for companies that send around 70 letters a day, and need to manage up to 25 different accounts. Businesses that process greater volumes of mail can benefit from one of the machines in the Connect+ range. Able to handle around 500 items, these machines include in-built reporting, parcel rate shopping and discount access. Pitney Bowes also provides much larger machines ideal for mail-out companies and direct marketing providers. In the UK, Pitney Bowes also provides mailroom solutions for Central and Local Government, as well as the NHS.

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Neopost UK

Neopost Logo
With an annual global turnover around €1 billion, and 800,000 customers in the UK and overseas, Neopost UK is a major provider of franking machines and mailroom solutions. It caters to all sizes of business, from small home-based concerns to major international companies. Like Pitney Bowes, Neopost UK also produces a range of mailroom software and equipment, and also offers customers different levels of service accounts and packages.

Neopost UK’s Franking Machines
Offering franking machines of all levels of volume requirements, Neopost UK has a franking machine to suit each and every size of business. Small companies and newcomers to franking are offered a 30-day free trial of the entry-level Autostamp 2 machine. The IS-440 is Neopost’s equivalent to Pitney Bowes’ DM160i, and it can process up to 40 letters in a minute. Machines go up in size and capability, matching Pitney Bowes’ Connect+ series at every level. Larger machines capable of processing in excess of 300 items of mail a day include the IS-5000 and IS-6000, which also enable users to manage up 50 separate accounts.

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