Mailmark: Royal Mail changing prices, making it more attractive

Mailmark: Royal Mail changing prices, making it more attractive

At the beginning of the year, Royal Mail changed the price of many of its products with some of the changes still to be implemented. From 28 March 2016, new prices for Royal Mail’s Door to Door marketing services become valid. Despite discounts already in place, Royal Mail is going to make using its Mailmark franking technology even more attractive by mid 2016. Good news for all businesses that use franking to post their mail.

As announced last year, Royal Mail plans to encourage more consumers to change to their Mailmark franking technology. When the 2016 prices were announced, Royal Mail said it would increase the price difference between the traditional franking barcode and its Mailmark barcode in two stages. After having implemented the first stage with a discount of 1.5% on their new barcodes in January, the second stage will add a further 1.5% differential on 4 July 2016.

In total, sending mail using the new franking option will be approximately 4% cheaper than using the old style barcode. All with the intention of converting the majority of bulk mail to the Mailmark system to more than 90% in March 2017 and gradually phase out other methods of franking.

Royal Mail invests heavily in the Mailmark systems as the machine readable barcode offers savings in processing and can supply the sender with valuable information about their mail such as visibility of the mail within Royal Mail’s system. Such includes tracking mail along its way to customers and providing you and your customers with handy information.

To benefit from the Mailmark technology and its discounts, you might be able to upgrade your software, or lease or buy a Mailmark enabled franking machine. To find out more about the benefits of franking and to get free quotes for franking machines suitable for you business, visit

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