Stamp price increase – a drop in the ocean, but with long-established history

Stamp price increase – a drop in the ocean, but with long-established history

After the Government completed its privatisation, Royal Mail announced another stamp price increase by the smallest possible amount, ie one penny. From 29 March 2016, first class letters will cost 64p, while second class letters will cost 55p. The price for large letters with a weight of up to 100g will increase by 1p regardless of its class too. With first class Royal Mail Mailmark prices staying the same, franking becomes even more attractive.

Royal Mail says it has “carefully considered the impact” on customers and their business but claims that the price increase is necessary to “ensure the sustainability of the Universal Postal Service”. Royal Mail believes it still offers great value for money. According to their press release announcing the price change, stamp prices remain below the European average and Royal Mail asserts themselves as the highest quality provider among major European countries.

This latest price increase is just the latest in a series of changes that have driven up stamp prices dramatically. Back in 1971, a first class stamp cost 3p, but by the end of the 70s, stamp prices had more than trebled to 10p. But the biggest price increases have been made recently. While a first class stamp would have cost you only 45p in 2011, the price has risen by 42% over the last five years.

Every stamp price increase squeezes money out of your business. Switching from stamps to other payment methods such as a franking machine can save you money on your mail. Using Royal Mail Mailmark technology to frank letters and parcels can still be done at huge discounts. While the price for first class franking stays the same, Royal Mail decided to increase the price for second class franking by 1p per letter. After the price increase on 29 March, using a franking machine will save you 13p on first class and 18p on second class letters.

Besides savings per letter, franking machines offer other benefits. They increase productivity by automating mail processing and they ensure that you apply the correct amount of postage every time. As you can easily top them up online, you do not need to queue for stamps. Finally, they can give you a professional appearance by printing your logo or other marketing messages on your mail.

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