Pitney Bowes DM50 Review

Update: The DM60 has been released. Find out more about the latest model.

Pitney Bowes DM50 Review

The DM50 from Pitney Bowes is a leading entry level franking machine that comes with a range of attractive features and payment options. It can handle up to 30 items of mail a day at a rate of 20 items per minute, and features a 2.5 kg integrated weighing scale with a digital display. The addition of this type of weighing scale is not only a great time-saving feature that will help to ensure that every item of mail you send is within the correct weight banding, it is also fairly uncommon in franking machines of this size, and is something that sets the DM50 apart from many of its closest competitors.

The machine has a sleek and compact design that ensures a minimal footprint so that it can sit unobtrusively on any desktop without an excessive amount of untidy wiring. Topping up the machine can be done quickly and easily over the phone line in £1 increments between £10 and £500, and any changes made by Royal Mail to the postage rates are automatically downloaded to the machine by pressing a single button. Plus, to ensure that only authorised personnel are able to use the franking machine, the DM50 has a four-PIN security system.

Another handy feature is an automatic date advance option that forwards the date to the following day to allow for early franking. For professional looking mail that can help to promote your company’s brand there is the option of adding marketing slogans and logos to the details printed on the front of the envelope. While five marketing messages and slogans are pre-loaded onto the machine, you can add your company’s own unique messages by visiting www.pbadslogans.co.uk (you will need to enter your customer account number as well as the model and serial numbers of the machine) and your customised message will be ready to download direct to your DM50 franking machine within a week.

The DM50 uses water-based ink cartridges that are easily and quickly replaced. While Pitney Bowes produce their own cartridges specifically for the DM50 and other similar devices, it is also possible to use compatible cartridges made by other manufacturers.

How much does a Pitney Bowes DM50 cost?

To buy one of these machines up-front will cost around £1000, and there is the option of an extended warranty that covers faults for an additional £25. This extended warranty is well worth considering because Pitney Bowes does not offer a great deal of maintenance support for an entry level machine like the DM50. It is possible to rent this machine for around £20 a month, and the rental agreement may well include a service contract. Alternatively, a lease agreement for a fixed term of five years is likely to cost in the region of £7 a week.

With regards to running costs, a Pitney Bowes ink cartridge costs around £35, but it is possible to get compatible cartridges from other manufacturers for around £15. A box of franking labels will typically cost around £15.

Who should use a Pitney Bowes DM50?

With a 30 item per day capability, this franking machine is not suitable for companies that send large volumes of mail on a daily basis. It is unquestionably an entry level machine that will suit the needs of a small business or home-based operation that needs to send mail regularly, but in comparatively small volumes. The DM50 is compact in size, and extremely reliable, and any new business or small company that is just beginning to use franked mail can get a lot of benefit from using one.

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