Neopost IS350 Review

Update: The IS-350c has been released. Find out more about the latest model.

Neopost IS350 Review

The IS350 is one of Neopost’s most popular franking machines, and thanks to its range of handy specifications and convenient adaptations, it’s easy to why. Clearly, a lot of thought has gone into the design of the Neopost IS350, with the result that it is an unobtrusive and accessible machine that fits in perfectly well in any office environment. The 3 kg integrated scale sits on the top, a design feature that provides two key advantages. Firstly, it means that the machine itself has a minimal footprint and only takes up as much desktop space as it needs to. Secondly, it means that feeding the machine, once the items have been weighed, is a natural and smooth process.

Which leads us to another attractive feature that helps the IS350 stand out from the crowd. The scales allows for differential weighing. This means that you can put a pile of different sized items on the platform together and as you remove each piece one by one, the correct rate on individual items is calculated for you. The feed itself is high powered, allowing for a swift and smooth processing of both batches and envelopes – either portrait or landscape. Here too, the attention to detail is impressive, and the machine adds to its convenience for use in any office environment with a very quiet operation: only 55 decibels.

The IS350 can handle a maximum of 40 letters per minute with ease. The maximum thickness for an individual envelope that can be processed through the feeder is 9 mm. For anything thicker, and parcels and packages, simply weigh the item on the scale and then feed through a label to be attached.

As with many franking machines that are larger than this one, Neopost’s IS350 is able to provide bespoke branding to each item of mail. As well as eight standard ad logos, there is the option of a further two personalised slogans or designs, and even external return address information. This means that even small to medium-sized businesses have the opportunity to make their mail look every bit as high profile as the mail that is sent out by major multi-nationals.

Who should use a Neopost IS350 franking machine?

Arguably the IS350’s biggest selling point is that it can be be used by up to 100 different departments or users, allowing the possibility of tracking all departments or individual’s spending on mail. The IS350 is PIN operated, for added security, and up to ten departments or users can be logged in at any one time, while the machine keeps an imprint memory of the last nine jobs it performed. All of which makes this franking machine ideal for use by not only small businesses, but also medium sized operations and even some large companies, as well.

How much does a Neopost IS350 franking machine cost?

The running costs of the IS350 can be a little more expensive than some of its competitors, chiefly because it can only accept Neopost’s own ink cartridges. That being said, there are distinct advantages to using one, including the fact the machine is connected to the MyNeopost system, which provides postal rate change downloads, low ink email alerts and pay later postal refills. To buy, an IS350 machine is likely to start at around £3000, but by getting multiple quotes from reputable suppliers, you stand a better chance of getting the best deal for your business.

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