Savings using a franking machine explained

Savings using a franking machine explained

Even in today’s world, not all communication can be done digitally and many clients still prefer the ”old-fashioned” way of communicating. Businesses still need to post mail and with that, costs are associated. There are direct costs for purchasing envelopes and stamps as well as indirect ones arising from processing the mail. Switching the way you pay for postage expenses can open up huge savings using a franking machine.

Savings on stamps

Franking your mail allows you to benefit from direct discounts that Royal Mail grants on franked letters and parcels. While a first class stamp costs your business 64p (from March 29), you will only be charged 51p using Royal Mail’s Mailmark franking technology. With this 13p difference, you can save over 20% on your mail. For second class letters, you can save 18p and thus as much as a third per letter. Discounts for franked parcells are nearly as high as £1.4!

Improved efficiency

Besides direct savings, your business can profit from huge amounts of savings by streamlining your operations. A franking machine allows you to print the postage on envelopes automatically with little human input. Moreover, some franking machines come with additional features such as automatically inserting and sealing envelopes. Instead of queueing up for stamps and dropping of mail at the Royal Mail post office, you can easily top up your franking machine online. Arranging your mail to be picked up saves you additional man-hours. Without a franking machine, all those tasks are time consuming and very labour intensive. Using a franking machine allows you and your employees to concentrate on their most promising tasks.

Avoid overpaying

Many franking machines come with a scale. This means that you will no longer overpay for letters if you are uncertain about their weight. Even if you know the correct amount of postage, you might not have the right amount in stamps at hand. Using a franking machine, the correct amount of postage will always be printed on the envelope and you will no longer pay to much for your mail.

Find a franking machine to save your business money

All businesses can profit from a franking machine. We can help you to find the best franking machine for your business. Just leave your details and we compare franking machines that suit your business’s needs. The best four suppliers will come back to you with competitive quotes on their machines. You simply need to choose the best offer! Utilising savings using a franking machine has never been easier.

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