Professionalise your business mail!

Professionalise your business mail!

Making a good impression is crucial for your business. If you don’t convey a professional appearance, you might lose customers and are unable to attract new ones. But getting this right at every encounter builds trust and makes your offer more convincing for clients. A franking machine can help you with such a professional appearance when sending business mail.

Marketing messages

Besides printing the postage on envelopes, a franking machine can print your logo on it. Even before a customer opens your letter, he will recognise your professionally sent mail. Not using a stamp but Royal Mail’s logo and a barcode shows that you are not just any player on the market but that you use a suitable infrastructure to support your business activities. With your logo on the envelopes, the letters you send stand out and are easily identifiable to customers. They know what to expect and start reading your mail with the right expectations.

Don’t get your clients to pay for your mail

If you underpay your mail, whether it is because you did not have enough stamps or because you were unaware of the correct postage, Royal Mail will still deliver it but may charge the receiver of the letter or parcel to pay the difference plus a handling fee. Not an ideal situation for customer satisfaction… a franking machine with scales will identify the correct amount of postage every time. Because the postage is printed, you will also be able to apply it to whatever you send. Such measures protect you against underpaying your mail and disappointing customers.

Make a good impression, send business mail professionally!

If you want to start making your client interactions more professional, let us compare franking machines for you. Within an hour, the four cheapest suppliers with a franking machine appropriate for your business, the size and volume of letters and parcels you send will contact you with their quotes. To find out more about other advantages of franking machines including their cost savings potential, please visit

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