Twofold Mailing TFm-240 Review

Twofold Mailing TFm-240 Review

The TFm-240 is a compact franking machine that is directly targeted at the small business sector. Made by mailroom technology firm Twofold Mailing, this machine is the smallest piece of franking equipment in their range, and comes at a very attractive monthly rental rate.

Designed for comparatively low volume mailing requirements, the TFm-240 has a maximum daily usage of 50 items, although the machine is capable of processing as many as 20 letters per minute, with a maximum envelope thickness allowance of 8 mm. The integrated scale can weigh up to 2 kg, although it doesn’t have differential weighing. The TFm-240 also has a memory facility of the last five jobs, so repeat franking tasks can be administered with the minimum of fuss. Plus, there is account reporting for up to ten departments, and the machine can store and print a maximum of ten different advertising slogans along with the franking mark – helping to get companies’ marketing message across and promote an even more professional appearance.

In terms of access to postal rates, these are stored onto the machine from the previous 12 months, giving users quick access to the current franked mail costs. As it comes with an internet connection, any Royal Mail rate changes can be quickly updated, as can statistic uploads, recrediting and system upgrades. Twofold offers a personal account manager to all customers, who can help with setting up the machine and advise on any relevant developments.

About Twofold Mailing

Twofold Mailing is a trusted supplier of franking machines with a stated ambition of being ‘twice as good as anyone else’. Along with franking machines, the company makes folder inserters, paper folders and pressure sealers, plus machine compatible envelopes and consumables. Twofold offers its customers an automated document handling process that is designed to enhance efficiency and increase productivity without producing additional costs. The company is keen to stress their commitment to customer service, and claim that they will answer all customer enquiry telephone calls within two rings.

Who should use a Twofold TFm-240 franking machine?

In their promotional materials, Twofold emphasise the TFm-240’s small size and compact design, as well as the convenience and cost effectiveness of using franked mail as opposed to stamps. The machine is clearly intended for small businesses, perhaps those that have not used a franking machine before. While the TFm-240 has all of the features you would expect from a small scale standard franking machine, it lacks specifications that larger companies, or those with specific mailing requirements may find essential. The fact that the scales can only handle a 2kg weight, suggests this machine will be most useful for small companies that mostly send letters, rather than large packages.

How much does a Twofold TFm-240 franking machine cost?

The TFm-240 comes at an appealing monthly rental rate of £14.99. On top of this, Twofold offers free delivery and installation, as well as training by a ‘Personal Engineer’. The first ink cartridge, which is good for 2500 impressions, also comes at no charge, and free meter envelopes and labels come as part of the starter pack.

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