Frama Matrix F2 Lite Review

Frama Matrix F2 Lite Review

The Matrix F2 from Frama is one of the leading low volume franking machines on the market, and the Lite version is its handy younger sibling. Replacing the Frama Ecomail, the Matrix F2 Lite (hereafter referred to as F2L) is a high quality entry level franking machine that is built to handle around 50 items a day, ideal for use by small to medium businesses. Easy to use, and with plenty of useful features and specifications, it is an attractive option for many smaller companies, although its running costs are not as cheap as some of its competitors.

Frama describes the F2L as the most comprehensive system available in its class, and there are certainly plenty of integral features that make it an attractive proposition. Designed to process 20 letters per minute, it has a high-quality printing function that always produces clean impressions. The left hand feeder, which ejects to the left, can accommodate envelopes of up to 10 mm in thickness – a fairly generous proportion for machines of this type. It comes with an integrated 2 kg weighing scale, although there is also the option of upgrading to a 5 kg or even a 15 kg scale – particularly handy for businesses whose mail outs mostly involve large packages.

With one-touch keys you can pre-select the most commonly performed mailing tasks, and postal rates are stored onto the machine, so that you can be assured of accurate mailing at all times, with no risk of over or under spending. Company logos and marketing slogans can be easily downloaded onto the machine to ensure a professional appearance on all outgoing mail. An external modem connects the F2L via an analogue phone to a secure server, so that it can be automatically updated with postal rate changes and any new software updates. The F2L also has automatic date setting with a time preset. For purposes of controlled usage, it has PIN code protection. Plus, a built in Smart meter allows for the franking of VAT services.

Frama Franking Machines

Frama is a Swiss-based firm with an established 30-year pedigree in producing durable and effective franking machines. Despite being based overseas, Frama is one of the leading players in the UK franking machine market. All its products are designed and manufactured in Switzerland with state-of-the-art technology, and quality standards that the company claims are unsurpassed. It is certainly the case that Frama has long been at the forefront of franking machine innovations.

How Much Does a Frama Matric F2 Lite cost?

A specific price on an individual machine can be found by contacting the company direct, although it is likely to cost at least £1000 to buy outright, possibly more. A service and support agreement for an F2L will cost around £200 per annum. One thing to be aware of about the F2L is that it doesn’t have the lowest operating costs amongst the machines of its type. An ink cartridge capable of around 2500 impressions costs about £80, which works out at a cost of 3.4 pence per unit.

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