FP Mailing Francotyp Postalia Mymail Review

FP Mailing Francotyp Postalia Mymail Review

The Mymail franking machine from FP (Francotyp Postalia) Mailing is designed exclusively for small businesses, and positions itself as the ultimate entry-level mailing solution. It’s most distinctive feature is its design, which moves away from the boxy aesthetic typical of franking machines and other similar office products, and instead adopts a smooth curviness that is finished in polished chrome. The Mymail looks more like a retro toaster than a machine for franking mail, and its visual appeal certainly helps to give it the edge over its competitors, particularly when it comes to attracting the kinds of new businesses and small enterprises that value appearance as much as practicality.

Which is not to say that the Mymail from FP Mailing does not also have its practical benefits. In fact, as well as being a comparatively good looking office product, the Mymail boasts all of the features and functions that you would expect from a franking machine that has been built to cater for low-volume mailing requirements. With a digital display and simple functionality, this franking machine has been made as easy to operate as possible. A neat integrated scale sits atop the machine like a helipad in miniature and is able to hold weights of up to 2 kg. The machine then automatically calculates the right postage, and it can be fully updated with regards to any new Royal Mail pricing structures, which are downloadable via a telephone line.

The Mymail from FP can be used by up to three different account holders, each using a unique a chip code. This is a comparatively small number of accounts, but many of the kinds of businesses who choose this machine are unlikely to have more than three different departments with separate mailing requirements, so it is unlikely to put off any potential customers. Instead, FP chooses to emphasise the marketing possibilities that a franking machine like this can provide. The digital keypad also allows the user to compose a personalised message, rather like an SMS, that will then be printed on the label or envelope along with the franking mark. There is also a facility for the company’s logo to be printed, as well as up to three advertising messages. Such a neat and direct way of communicating with clients is undoubtedly appealing for any small business seeking to compete with larger organisations, and has a good deal of profile-raising potential.

About FP Mailing

Francotyp Postalia began operating in the UK in 1923, and has been known as FP Mailing for the last twenty years. It is a leading manufacturer of franking machines and is one of the few companies to be licensed by Royal Mail for franking purposes. FP Mailing is justifiably proud of its heritage as an innovator in the world of franking machines: it produced the first digital machine and the first franking machine to use an inkjet printer. Plus, it was FP who created the very first multi-carrier machine, an adaptation made necessary by the new de-regulated age.

How much does a FP Mailing Mymail cost?

A low mail volume franking machine like the Mymail from FP Mailing will cost in the region of £1000 to buy outright. Renting the machine is likely to prove a more popular option, particularly for small businesses that are new to using franked mail, and a Mymail can cost from around £15 a month to rent.

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