How to Save Money? Arrange a Business Collection

How to Save Money? Arrange a Business Collection

Postage prices can be a significant percentage of your business outgoings. You can of course get cheap postage by investing in a franking machine to print out your postage on a regular basis. However it might also be prudent to think about arranging a business collection instead of taking the time to take your mail to the post office each day.

How much mail do you send out?

This is a key question to ask when you are considering this service. Generally speaking the more post you have to send out, the more cost effective it will be to arrange a collection. This can be done six days a week for one yearly fee.

Alternatively you can simply book a one off collection whenever you need it, although of course the fee for this will be higher. Depending on your business and your mailing needs, this could work better though.

Saving money means making more on a daily basis

It makes sense to save money wherever you can when you are running your business. For example you can reduce the price of postage you pay by getting a franking machine. You can also buy second hand office equipment instead of purchasing brand new equipment at a much higher price. The trick is to think of all the ways you can save money and to see which ones you can implement in your own business.

You may be wondering how you can save money by getting your mail collected instead of taking it to the post office on your own. The reality is you have to think about how much time it takes out of your day to make that trip. Even if you are fairly local to your post office it may take half an hour or more to complete the journey. This is particularly true if you have lots of post to carry there.

It could well be that your time is worth more than the trip you make to drop off your post. If this is the case, and your time would be better spent performing other tasks, you should seriously consider getting a business collection set up. You may find it transforms your working day and gives you an opportunity to get more work done than you do at the moment. Either way, it can be a cost effective move to make.

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