Is it Cost Effective to Fix a Broken Franking Machine?

Is it Cost Effective to Fix a Broken Franking Machine?

While a franking machine can save you significant amounts on your postage costs, it is of course a machine. This means there is a chance it could go wrong or develop a fault at some point. The best thing to do is to consider how you would fix that fault before the situation actually arises. This way you’ll know what to do.

Point to note – make sure you get your machine inspected regularly

This is actually part of the agreement in place with Royal Mail. Since they are providing the postage services you must have your franking machine inspected annually at the very least.

How much would it cost to fix a franking machine?

This is difficult to answer because it depends on the issue it has developed. Some problems are easier to resolve than others, so bear this in mind.

However the more franked mail you get through on a daily basis, the more you will save on postage costs over time. This saved money could go towards a necessary repair if something were to happen to your machine.

Are you better off renting or buying?

You have two choices available to you when you want a franking machine for your office. The first is to buy a machine outright, while the second is to rent one. If you go for the first option it will cost you more initially, though the machine will come with a warranty. If it breaks down during the warranty it should be repaired for free. However if it should break after the warranty expires you may have significant repair charges to pay.

Alternatively you can rent your machine for a low monthly cost. You may think this will automatically cost more in the long run, but you have to consider all angles. For example, most rental contracts should include cover for any problems you experience. This means if your machine should develop a fault, the provider of the machine should come out to fix it free of charge. You will pay for this service in with your monthly rental charge.

So you can see there is no simple answer to the question posed in the title of this article. Clearly you are likely to have charges to pay if you have bought the machine outright, as opposed to renting it. But the extent of the charges, as mentioned before, will depend on the fault.

In some cases it may not be worth investing in a repair. A lot depends on how old your machine is and whether the replacement parts are going to be pricey or not. Try and get as much information as you can if you own your machine, and then consider whether you would be better off sinking that money into a new machine.

This is one of the reasons why a rental agreement that covers servicing and repairs can be a good option when it comes to getting a franking machine.

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